How to have a productive LSAT prep

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If you yearn to succeed in LSAT then you need to up your game during your LSAT prep sessions. First, LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. The test exists to measure your ability to do well in law school. The test has a specific layout that you should familiarize yourself with.

The layout of LSAT

There is a standard way of how the sections appear. 

  • · Analytical reasoning.
  • · Two logical reasoning.
  • · Comprehension reading.
  • · Writing.

The sections test different capabilities of your mind. Each section contributes to your overall score but the two logical reasoning sections account for half the total score. The highest score is 180, but with 170, you get a chance to attend law school. 

How you prepare for LSAT determines your performance. For a more effective and productive LSAT prep, there are several things to consider.



1. Be consistent 

You need to set aside time to prepare for the test. It should not be an occasional thing. Make it frequent. Preparing for LSAT in the weekend or once a week is not enough. Come up with a LSAT schedule. Set aside time for each of the LSAT sections. Do not study them all at a go. You will be frustrating your mind. The schedule should not interfere with your school or personal times. Figure out a way to balance your life. Do not miss classes just because of the test. Practice often so that LSAT prep becomes part of your life until you take the test.


2. Study on your own

There is nothing wrong with studying alone. Your friends may view you as selfish but it is actually, what you should do. This is because, when you look at the LSAT sections, they aim to test your personal intellectual abilities. No one is like the other. A section that is easy for a friend may be causing you trouble. 

The only way to overcome the obstacle is to focus on the troublesome sections. Figure out ways to handle them instead of cramming answers from a friend. It will not help.


3. Analyze the wrong answers 

If you are wondering why you get wrong answers for a specific section all the time, there is a problem in how you study. It is probable that you focus on the questions you get right and ignore the wrong answers you give. 

You keep wishing that next time you would get them right. That is not the way to go. Critically analyze your answers to determine where you went wrong. Analysis improves your thinking thus mastering how to better handle the questions.


4. Take classes that involve critical thinking

Practicing law involves arguments. Your mind is everything in making reasonable arguments. This means critical thinking is important in law. That is why you should enroll for that philosophy or a creative writing class in college. It will help you be better at reading and be thinking through huge chunks of information. With improved thinking, LSAT sections such as compression’s will be easier.


5. Remember to prepare for the game section

The same way you read a text and write down answers is the same way you should play more games. The analytical and logical reasoning sections have games. Games are about visualizing the information provided for you. It is about drawing that picture in your mind so you can see how each piece of information fits into the whole picture or diagram. So ensure you engage in more games. 


6. Locate simple questions

All tests always have simpler questions compared to others. With LSAT, you can always tell a simple question from the other. Identify them and answer before embarking on the hard ones. This will save you time.


7. There is no penalty for incorrect answers; answer everything

The answer you think is incorrect might be correct. It could up your score. Instead of leaving a blank space, take the risk and fill it because you will not lose any mark in the LSAT. Every question is as important as the other is. It does not matter how hard or simple it is. Do not leave the simple questions thinking the hard ones will earn you more marks. Answer the easy ones fast and carefully, so you have more time for the hard ones.


8. Use convenient study methods

You probably don’t lug your books and notes around constantly, because that’s pretty inconvenient. But when you’re stuck on a New York subway, or in the waiting room for a dental appointment, you’ll wish you could use that time to study. With a LSAT prep app or online course, all of your study material is right on your phone. Don’t let these study opportunities slip by, no matter how brief they are. (Many even have discounts and promo codes!)

LSAT prep puts you in a test mood where timeliness and accuracy is measured. With these tips, you stand a better chance to succeed in LSAT.

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