Making The Most out of your LSAT Prep

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Simple steps to a productive LSAT prep

For you to pass your LSAT you need to be serious on how you study during your prep sessions and how much time you have set aside for your preps. In case you are wondering LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. The LSAT is meant to test your ability to perform in a law school. The LSAT has a particular format or layout that you should keep in mind at all times:

The LSAT layout

  1. Analytical reasoning
  2. Two logical reasoning
  3. Comprehension reading
  4. Writing

Each of the above sections is intended to test a specific capability of your brain. It is important to do well in all the four sections as they all contribute to the final score. The two logical reasoning section however takes up half of the total marks. The highest score in the LSAT is 180 but you still stand a chance to join a law school with a score of 170.

You need to consider the following if you really want to get into a Law School:

  1. Be consistent

If weekends are the only time you have set aside to do your LSAT preparation you need to change that immediately. LSAT preparation should be taken seriously. As a matter of fact you need to make a schedule in which you have specified times in which specific sections will be covered. Do not read all the four LSAT sections at a go. Reading a section at a time yields better mastery of concepts.

Making a schedule does not mean you stop living you life. Attend your classes as usual and you need not interfere with your personal time. You have to find a way to balance your life .You will realize that the more you practice the easier it gets.

  1. Read on your own

I know it sounds a little selfish to study alone but trust me, in this case you will be doing yourself a favor because as we said earlier the four sections in an LSAT are meant to test your brains capabilities. You and your friends are totally different. There is absolutely no way that your grasping rates are the same. What may seem easy to your friend may be giving you lots of trouble to understand. Studying alone ensures that you better understand all concepts instead of cramming answers from your friends.

  1. Analyze the wrong answers

There are sections to which you always get some wrong answers and you are left wondering why and you promise yourself to get them right the next time. This is a clear indication that your method of study is probably not the best. It is possible that you concentrate on questions you did well and completely ignore those that you dint answer correctly. You will realize that when you take a look at your wrong answers you improve your thinking. This further makes it easier for you to master better ways to tackle the question.

  1. Take classes that involve critical thinking

Since practicing law involves arguments, enrolling and being part of activities such as creative writing will better improve your critical thinking. You will be able to think as you are reading through chunks of literature.

  1. Remember to prepare for the game section

Games require you to visualize the little information provided. The more games you play the better you get at drawing mental pictures. This will come in handy when tackling the analytical and logical reasoning sections in the LSAT since they have games.

  1. Locate simple questions

It is always advisable to start with the simple questions then the hard ones later. This method saves you a lot of time.

  1. Answer everything; there is no penalty for wrong answers

You may think a certain answer is wrong only for you to find out later that it was the right answer. Remember you are trying to get into law school therefore the blank space you may want to leave because you are not sure of what answers are right or wrong might cost you that golden opportunity. Always empty your brain before you move to the next section.

It is also important to remember that every question counts. Do not ignore simple looking questions and go for the hard one thinking you will score more marks. Just answer those simple questions as fast as you can and move on to the hard ones.

I believe if you follow the seven simple steps you will not be disappointed once results of the LSAT are out.

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