The Fascinating Lashes from One Two Cosmetics

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If there is a brand creating such a buzz in the beauty industry currently, it is One Two Cosmetics. It is a must know for any serious cosmetics enthusiast. This brand’s eyelashes are popular because more people are using them and it feels great wearing them. They are like no other eyelashes you have ever worn.

There is one thing that makes One Two eyelashes really good. They are magnetic. You will not use glue at all when applying them. This is a great solution for many who have struggled with the mess glue creates. It also means that wearing the eyelashes is an easy thing. You do not require any special skills.

One Two Cosmetics is the name you should be looking for the next time you visit your favorite beauty store. You will look amazing in these lashes.

The Brains Behind One Two Lash

Katy Stoka had been thinking about fake eyelashes that would be easier for women to wear. When she was in the shower one day, she thought of magnetic lashes. Perhaps, she borrowed the idea from magnetic earrings and wondered if the same idea would be used for eyelashes.

It is out of these thoughts that Stoka came up with the company name One Two Cosmetics. Funny enough, Katy formerly worked in the real estate business but her struggle with lashes that relied on glue made her come up with a great invention. She decided to design the lashes herself and figured out the micromagnetic tech.

One Two Lash is a high-quality product that gives your eyes a great look. Actually, last year, One Two Cosmetics lashes were named by Allure the Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Product of the Year. That is not all. Beauty editors are referring to the brand as one of a kind that has changed how people think of fake eyelashes.

The Beauty of Magnetic Eyelashes

With this product, your battle with lashes, lash glue and tweezers is over. All you need now is your lashes and your hands.

You could be asking, why One Two Lash? Here are the reasons:

Ease of use: you do not need much effort to have the lash on. The magnets will do the work for you as long as you place the lashes well

Can be used more than once: you can wear the lashes as much as you want provided you maintain them well. The magnetic technology is responsible for this.

They are pocket-friendly: something that you can use more than once before disposing of it is less costly in the long run than something you only use once or few times. This way, you save more cash and use it for other beauty needs.

Fixing One Two Lash

The magnetic mechanism in One Two Cosmetics’ lashes makes it easy to use. However, you need to familiarize yourself with the product so that fixing becomes easier. Practice frequently to become good and fast at fixing them.

The lashes come in a pair with a magnetic strip on each lash. They are thin enough though, creating such as elegant look.

About fixing the One Two lash, the first thing to do is take the top lash in the pair and place its outside end on your eye line. Then, place the lower lash under your lashes. Make sure the magnetic strips are in line. This way, they will click in with your natural eyelashes between the artificial lashes. It is that simple. When you master the art, it will take you seconds to apply the lashes.

When you need to remove them, use your thumb and index finger to slide the magnetic strips in opposite directions. It is essential that you are attentive when doing this to avoid damaging the lashes.

Have A Great Summer with One Two Cosmetics

Summer is a time to have more fun than other seasons because the weather is usually friendlier. This means your need quick-to-fix lashes that will not consume your time to have fun. Whatever activity you are involved in this summer, ensure you have One Two lashes with you.

There are three kinds of One Two Cosmetics’ lashes: original that make your lashes look as natural as possible, bold that are longer and thicker. and glamorous look and accent the corners of your eyes. Simply choose what fits your needs best.

Look out for new products to join the One Two range of beauty products including One Two Skin and One Two Eyes. Katy Stoka must have great ideas about these.

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