Vitapulse – The Only Probiotics for a Successful Weight Loss

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There is a serious campaign about how probiotics can help people lose weight and have a healthy digestive system. Because of these reasons, many people are buying probiotic supplements, especially from Princeton Nutrients with the hope of dropping extra pounds and keeping their guts healthy. Now the question is; can probiotics help your body lose weight or are these people mistaken?

To answer this question, we have discussed in detail what studies say regarding probiotics and weight-loss. Read on to learn more.

What are probiotics? 

Before we tell you what studies say about probiotics and their effects on weight-loss, let us first understand what probiotics are?

Basically, probiotics are yeasts and live bacteria that are good for your digestive system, heart and immune system. They are referred to as “good” micro-organisms which ensure that there is an appropriate equilibrium within the gastrointestinal system. There are trillions of them in the intestine and they must remain there to continue bringing the above-mentioned health benefits.

Probiotics are found in both fermented foods and supplements. It is not possible to obtain the required amount of these micro-organisms from regular diet we consume. That is why doctors recommend you supplement your diet with products containing these “good” micro-organisms.

What do studies say about probiotics and weight loss? 

The benefits of probiotic in reducing weight are substantial. In one study, obese people consumed products containing a lot of yeast for three months and reduced 46% of their abdominal fat.

Several other research studies show similar results. For instance, researchers studied two types of micro-organisms known as firmicutes and bacteroidetes to see exactly what sort of effect they may have in weight loss. The study found that people with higher amount of bacteroidetes tend to have a regular body weight while those with firmicutes are at risk of becoming obese.

To find which specific bacteria assist in weight, researchers also conducted more studies. For instance, a group of obese people were given yogurt containing L. fermentum and L. amylovorous for six weeks. All these individuals lost between three and four percent of their body fat after six weeks.

In another research study, a group of sixty overweight women were given a probiotic product containing L. rhamnosus while another group of 60 women were given sugar pills of the same amount for 3 months. At the end of the study, women who were given a probiotic product containing L. rhamnosus lost 50% more weight than those who received sugar pills.

If you don’t have a probiotic supplement, you can try this at home by just consuming 2 cups of fermented milk as it contains bacteria known as lactobacillus. But it is better to use probiotic supplements because it is easier to obtain the required amount of good micro-organisms from supplements than a regular diet.

Which product is the best source probiotics? 

There are several companies that claim to sell products containing effective probiotics. Just keep in mind that not all of these products are effective and safe. This is not the case when you purchase probiotic supplements from Princeton Nutrients. The company has a line of probiotic supplements such as Vitapulse which can replenish the supply of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal system while keeping the harmful ones in check.

Does Vitapulse assist you in reducing weight? 

We have already mentioned that Vitapulse is one of the best sources of good micro-organism that promote a healthy gut. One of the questions our readers have been asking since the start of this year is whether this product can assist you to reduce weight.

Basically Yes. It is true that this product from Princeton Nutrients contains good micro-organisms which play an important role in helping the body manage its weight. This claim is supported by several research studies that we have mentioned above.

Taking Vitapulse for fat burning-Is the product safe? 

If you have good health, you won’t have any problem using this product to cut off your weight. This product and many others from Princeton Nutrients are effective with mild side effects such as bloating, gas or stomach upset. However, if you are suffering from serious medical conditions such as the ones that affect the intestinal tract and the immune system, it is recommended you speak to your health care professional before taking any product that contains probiotics. The main reason for this is that the use of supplements containing probiotics can worsen these medical conditions.
Other Reviews

There are plenty of subjective, personal reviews on sites like WebMD, but if you’re looking for an unbiased, factual VitaPulse reviews, check out Supplement Police, very detailed review on the Princeton Nutrients product

Why we recommend Vitapulse 

This is one of the most effective probiotic supplements you need for super weight loss. This product has received a higher rating and positive reviews from customers who have bought and used it.

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